Erfolgsfaktoren von Bike Parks für Tourismus-Destinationen

Schlemmer Philipp, Falkner Florian, Müller Lisa, Raschner Christian, Schnitzer Martin (2019)

Cogent Social Sciences (2019), 5: 1613027



Tourism has become a highly competitive sector, forcing destinations to reinvent and constantly enhance extraordinary experiences in accordance with their miscellaneous destination characteristics, whilst considering mountain biking as a growing phenomenon. This study, therefore, aims at providing

a general profile of bike park visitors and at identifying key success factors for a bike park in the context of a destination. A quantitative survey (n = 325) was conducted in a cross-sectional design. The results suggest differing types of visitors with diversified perceptions of a bike park’s key success factors related to the overall perception of sojourn satisfaction. This research extends the literature by (1) shedding light on a booming phenomenon and revealing profiles of bike- park tourists, (2) pointing out key success factors of a bike park and (3) providing information about the perceptions of a bike park related to the overall tourism destination.